The following residents and businesses of the City of Palo Alto support the idea that the City should deploy a citywide municipal fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) network for the purpose of providing internet service to homes and businesses that subscribe to it, and that one of the speed options offered should be 1 Gbps symmetrical, and that the service should observe the principles of net neutrality and customer privacy.

Allen Akin
Peter Allen
Michelle Arden
Ann Balin
Stu Berman
Herb Borock
Nick Briggs
Tina Chow
James Cook
Cedric de la Beaujardiere
Tim Flagg
Jeanne Fleming
Bob Hinden
Prerana Jayakumar
Amrutha Kattamuri
Arthur Keller
Yoriko Kishimoto
William Kornfeld
Kenny Kruger
Gary Lindgren
Tom Lipkis
Juliana Manoliu
Bob Moss
Nelson Ng
Miriam Palm
Pamela Parke
Allen Podell
Vicky Reich
Brian Reid
David Rosenthal
Malcolm Slaney
Terry Trumbull
David Weiss
White Hawk Software

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Last updated 6/6/2019