Community Broadband Networks is a great source of information about what’s happening with municipal networks (not only FTTP, but FTTP is my interest).  Its “Tags” page provides a way to click to a time-sorted list of articles on a variety of topics, including municipalities that have deployed municipal FTTP, or are thinking about it.

Broadband Communities Magazine is a good source of information about FTTP networks (not only municipal, but municipal is my interest).  I especially recommend their “primer” [PDF] on FTTP and their interactive database of FTTP networks.

The City of Palo Alto’s website provides information about City Council meetings and Utilities Advisory Commission (UAC) meetings.

Next Century Cities is an organization of local governments focused on improving broadband and includes many communities with municipal FTTP networks. Palo Alto is a member, but has not done much to improve Internet access since joining.

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Last updated 4/1/2021